Academic Careers in Family Medicine: an international meeting

Clinical academic careers in Family Medicine/General Practice: sharing experience and best practice
Took place on Wednesday 6th July 2016, 9.00am - 12 pm.
Hosted by the Department of General Practice, RCSI Medical School & the HRB Centre for Primary Care Research
Programme: here
Press Release: here
CMAJ Blog posts (including videos):
International perspectives on academic careers in primary care: the roundup
Prof Tom Fahey (RCSI Medical School & HRB Centre for Primary Care Research): Clinical academic careers in Family Medicine: sharing international experience
Dr Emma Wallace (Senior Clinical Research Fellow, RCSI medical school & HRB Centre for Primary Care Research) : Reflections on structured PhD training for general practitioners in Ireland
Practice Prof Lars Lindholm (Director of Swedish National School & Umea University): National Research School in General Practice in Sweden – Building Bridges to Lift a Specialty
Prof Wendy Norman (University of British Columbia): A Canadian perspective on training and career support in Family Medicine
Prof Richard Hobbs (University of Oxford & Director NIHR School for Primary Care Research): A remarkable turnaround of opportunity for primary care academics
Prof Amanda Howe (President-elect, World Organisation for National Colleges and Academies of General Practice/Family Medicine, WONCA): On the value of the international perspective in supporting primary care
Career development from a funder’s perspective:
Funding clinician researchers in primary care Prof Robyn Tamblyn, Scientific Director, Institute of Health Services and Policy Research, Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) “Next Gen” leadership in healthcare : ‘Next-gen’ leadership in healthcare
HRB’s strategy for capacity building in clinical research Dr Annalisa Montesanti, Programme Manager, Health Research Careers, Health Research Board of Ireland (HRB) : A framework for building health research capacity in Ireland