The HRB Centre actively supports different stakeholders on an ongoing basis to build their own knowledge. These activities are described in greater detail in previous sections but include the following:

Short Course in Health Research Methods – This course is designed to up-skill clinicians in a range of competencies relating to healthcare research.

• Student Internships – This internship is aimed at developing students’ ability to critically appraise external evidence and apply this evidence to patient care.

Erasmus Programme – Similar to the student internship programme, the Erasmus Programme supports medical students to complete research in an area of primary care. To date, nine students have successfully completed a research internship at the CPCR.

Masters in Surgery (MCh) – Students are facilitated to conduct research and write a thesis in part fulfilment of a Masters in Surgery. Students are encouraged and supported by the Centre staff members to submit this work for peer review publication.

• GP research training – The Centre facilitates the methodological support and training of GPs/GP trainees who wish to complete research in primary care.

HRB SPHeRE programme - The Centre provides methodological support, training and supervision to HRB Scholars who wish to complete research in primary care.