Knowledge Transfer Strategy

The Knowledge Transfer Strategy outlines how we will achieve our vision of

Creating and translating evidence-based knowledge in primary care.

This Strategy sets the objectives by which we will build on the HRB Centre’s outputs in the past four years in order to take knowledge transfer to a new level. These objectives are:

  1. To develop and implement structures, processes and systems to support knowledge transfer activities which are clear, focused and consistent with our mission.
  2. To raise the profile and reputation of the HRB Centre for Primary Care Research for innovative knowledge transfer nationally and internationally, through the dissemination of our research, skills and expertise.
  3. To identify relevant external opportunities for collaboration and optimise the HRB Centre’s involvement with such partners, to ensure that multi-disciplinary, shared projects are identified and realised.
  4. To nurture and support academic staff and students to become research active through the implementation of training programmes and mentoring schemes.

The following headings describe our endeavours to achieve these objectives.

- Monitor
- Inform
- Knowledge Exchange
- Persuade
- Network
- Support