Our Team

The general governance and coordination of the HRB Centre for Primary Care Research (CPCR) consists of a Project Management Committee (PMC) and a Project Steering Committee (PSC). These committees were established after the formal start of the project in 2008 and consist of the Principal Investigator, co-investigators, senior academic staff in the partner institutions, and the programme leader of the CPCR. The management and coordination of all activities are executed by the Principal Investigator and co-investigators in each partner's institution. The programme leader, based at RCSI, acts as coordinator of the overall programme of research.

We have a number of post-doctoral and clinical researchers with trans-disciplinary backgrounds based in each of the institutions, as well as national collaborators and international collaborators, with particular interests in the different work packages at the CPCR.

Researchers at the CPCR contribute to the teaching and supervision of HRB SPHeRE PhD scholars. These students receive clinical and methodological support and training for the duration of their PhD. We also facilitate bi-annual research placements for Erasmus students. These students are supervised by staff at the CPCR and complete a primary care related research topic during their placement.

Finally, we support a number of affiliated student internships from undergraduate and postgraduate students with backgrounds in medicine, science, physiotherapy and social science. During these internships, students are taught research skills that develop their ability to critically appraise external evidence and apply this evidence to patient care.