The Centre informs relevant internal and external stakeholders on latest research findings to improve primary care practice and influence policy and practice in areas impacting on primary care.

HRB Centre for Primary Care Research Brochure - The first brochure highlighting the Centre’s activities and ongoing collaborations was developed in early 2012 in collaboration with RCSI Communications and RCSI Media Services. This brochure was disseminated in the participant packs at the 2012 Association of University Departments of General Practice in Ireland (AUDGPI) conference and at the Irish Gerontological Society (IGS). A copy of the brochure was also sent to all national and international collaborators. An electronic copy of the brochure is contained on the HRB Centre's website and can be viewed here.

Publications and presentations – Researchers at the Centre actively engage in the dissemination of research at national and international conferences. For example, the HRB Centre’s list of peer reviewed publications and presentations are contained in the annual report to the HRB and on the HRB Centre’s website. A selection of these publications and presentations are also contained in the brochure highlighting the ongoing research activities at the Centre.

Press releases and research briefs – In collaboration with the Communications Office and Media Services in RCSI, a template was developed to frame the content of the Centre’s press releases and research briefs. These briefs and press releases are disseminated through the Communications office. Of note, eleven research briefs and twelve media coverage materials have been disseminated to date. The Centre proposes to optimise the dissemination to key stakeholders through continued engagement with RCSI communications. These are also contained on the website and can be viewed by clicking here.