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Muth C, Smith SM, et al. JIM Workshop, Systematic Review of Guidelines for multimorbdity and polyphamratcy, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, May 2018..; 2018.
Smith SM. Panellist. ESRI Meeting. Planning for the Future Irish Healthcare System. May 2018.; 2018.
Smith SM. Effectiveness and Equity in Primary Healthcare. Manne Berber Lecture 2018. TCD June 2018.; 2018.
Smith SM. Keynote Address: Effective and equitable primary healthcare delivery. AUDGPI Annual Scientific Meeting, University of Limerick, 9th-10th March 2017.; 2017.
Connolly D, Garvey J, O'Toole L, Boland F, Smith SM. OptiMaL: A primary care- based intervention for people with multimorbidity. COTEC-ENOTHE NUI Galway, 15th -19th of June 2016. .; 2016.
Smith SM. Improving outcomes for patients with multimorbidity. Dagens Medicine Conference. Copenhagan 31st May 2016.; 2016.
McCarthy C, Clyne B, Smith SM. Tackling multimorbidity and polypharmacy. Forum. November 2016.; 2016.
Smith SM. What do we know about multimorbidity and how to approach this in the future? National Conference on Multimorbidity. Hosted by Research Unit of Chronic Conditions, Bispebjerg University Hospital, Department of Public Health, University of Copenhagen. 31/05.; 2016.
Wallace E, Galvin R, Smith SM. Workshop for early career academics in primary care on systematic reviews. AUDGPI Conference, Belfast March 2015 .; 2015.
Smith SM, Soubhi H, Fortin M, Hudon C, O'Dowd T. An International Perspective on Designing Interventions For Multimorbidity in Primary Care. The Multiple Chronic Conditions Research Network, AHRQ, 23 April 2013, Maryland. USA.; 2013.
Smith SM. The Challenge of Multimorbidity. Meeting of the Donegal Clinical Society, 20 April 2013, Donegal.; 2013.
Smith SM. Chronic Diseases: what happens when they come in multiples? RCSI Mini-med School Open Lecture series. RCSI, 29 February 2012, Dublin..; 2012.
O'Connell MP, Smith SM. CGP Summer School Workshop on Prescribing in Older Patients. ICGP Summer School Workshop on Managing Frailty in Patients in General Practice. 21 June 2012, Kilkenny.; 2012.
Smith SM. Multimorbidity: the research agenda? Division of Population Health Science, Academic Seminar Series, RCSI, 12 January 2012, Dublin..; 2012.
Wallace E, Smith SM, Dimitrov BB, Fahey T. Methodological Quality of Clinical Prediction Rules. Clinical Prediction Rules – International Forum for Diagnostic and Prognostic Strategies in Primary Care, 4 June 2010, HRB Centre for Primary Care Research.; 2010.
Keogh C, Wallace E, O'Brien K, Murphy PJ, Teljeur C, McGrath B, et al. International Register and Clinical Domains in Primary Care. Clinical Prediction Rules – International Forum for Diagnostic and Prognostic Strategies in Primary Care, 4 June 2010, HRB Centre for Primary Care Research, Dublin.; 2010.
Smith SM. Framework for the evaluation and implementation of clinical prediction rules. Clinical Prediction Rules – International Working Group, 29-30 September 2010, Oxford, UK.; 2010.
Smith SM, O'Dowd T. Prescribing in older people. Prescribing in older people seminar. HRB Centre for Primary Care Research seminar on older people, 10 September 2009, HRB Centre for Primary Care Research, Dublin.; 2009.
O'Kelly S, Smith SM, Lane S, Teljeur C, O'Dowd T. Chronic respiratory disease and multimorbidity: prevalence and impact in a general practice setting. October 2009, EGPRN Dubrovnik, Croatia.; 2009.
Conference Paper
Zarabzadeh A, McDonnell R, Paz Berrios S, Dempsey J, Harrington E, Smith SM, et al. Utility of electronic international register of clinical prediction rules relevant to primary care. In: The 29th International Symposium on Computer-Based Medical Systems (CBMS 2016). Dublin (June 20, 2016) and in Belfast (June 21 – 23, 2016); 2016.