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Wallace E, Keogh C. Developing an International Register for CPRs: Identifying an Optimal Search Strategy & Quality Assessment of CPR Studies. International Clinical Prediction Rules Meeting, 27 November 2009, HRB Centre for Primary Care Research, Dublin.; 2009.
Dimitrov BB. Computer-based Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSSs). Clinical Prediction Rules – International Forum for Diagnostic and Prognostic Strategies in Primary Care, 4 June 2010, HRB Centre for Primary Care Research, Dublin.; 2010.
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Smith SM. Chronic Diseases: what happens when they come in multiples? RCSI Mini-med School Open Lecture series. RCSI, 29 February 2012, Dublin..; 2012.
O'Dowd T. Chronic disease in primary care – GP study day, 13 November 2010 Tallaght Hospital, Dublin.; 2010.
O'Dowd T. Chronic disease and bullying in children – Growing up in Ireland research conference, 29 November 2010, ESRI, Dublin.; 2010.
Smith SM. The Challenge of Multimorbidity. Meeting of the Donegal Clinical Society, 20 April 2013, Donegal.; 2013.
O'Connell MP, Smith SM. CGP Summer School Workshop on Prescribing in Older Patients. ICGP Summer School Workshop on Managing Frailty in Patients in General Practice. 21 June 2012, Kilkenny.; 2012.
O'Dowd T, Reulbach U. Bullying and Chronic Disease. ICGP and Tallaght Hospital General Practitioner Study Day. A.M.N.C.H. 26th November 2011, Dublin.; 2011.
Conference Paper
Zarabzadeh A, McDonnell R, Paz Berrios S, Dempsey J, Harrington E, Smith SM, et al. Utility of electronic international register of clinical prediction rules relevant to primary care. In: The 29th International Symposium on Computer-Based Medical Systems (CBMS 2016). Dublin (June 20, 2016) and in Belfast (June 21 – 23, 2016); 2016.
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Corrigan D, Taweel A, Fahey T, Arvanitis T, Delaney B. European Federation of Medical Informatics Conference 2013 - Data and Knowledge for Medical Decision Support. 17th-19th April 2013, Prague, Czech Republic. Accepted for publication.; 2013.
Corrigan D, Soler JK, Delaney B. Development of an Ontological Model of Evidence for TRANSFoRm Utilizing Transition Project Data. Proceedings of the Joint Workshop on Semantic Technologies Applied to Biomedical Informatics and Individualized Medicine. November 21, 2012, Boston USA.; 2012.
Corrigan D, Soler JK, Delaney B. Development of an Ontological Model of Evidence for TRANSFoRm Utilizing Transistion Project Data.; 2012.
Xiao L, Cousins G, Fahey T, Dimitrov BB, Hederman L. Developing a rule-driven clinical decision support system with an extensive and adaptative architecture. In: IEEE 14th International Conference on e-Health Networking, Applications and Services (Healthcom). Beijing, China: IEEE; 2012.
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Book Chapter
Fahey T, Van der Lei J. Producing and Using Clinical Prediction Rules. In: The Evidence Base of Clinical Diagnosis: Theory and methods of diagnostic research, Second Edition. Second Edition. Blackwell Publishing Ltd; 2009.
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