Workpackage 3: Effective Care Delivery

Robust evidence shows that patient care delivered by a health system that has a strong primary care orientation is associated with more effective, equitable and efficient care. Subsumed within this overarching theme are concerns around effective management of long term conditions. This workpackage will focus on two aspects of effective care delivery that are of international relevance and importance, the management of multimorbidity and unwarranted medical practice variation. In this WP, we aim to undertake research that will build on our previous observational work on predicting outcomes in patients with multimorbidity and exploring variation in prescribing in chronic conditions. We also aim to undertake two experimental studies on interventions to target multimorbidity and target variation in treatment of poorly controlled type 2 diabetes as an exemplar chronic condition.

The following is an overview of activity in WP3:

  1. Multimorbidity, prediction of poor outcome and effective management
  2. Addressing variation in treatment and effective care delivery