Dermot O'Reilly

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Professor Dermot O’Reilly

Position: Reader / Consultant, Epidemiology Research Group (QUB)

Dermot joined the Medical School in April 1995.

His work has focussed on two main areas. In studying the effect of selective migration on the monitoring of health and health inequalities, he has been able to demonstrate that the movement of people between areas over time varies according to their socio-economic and health status and thus that the way that the Departments of Health throughout the UK assess policies to reduce health inequalities, may be flawed. In his other main research theme, he has explored the implications of using measures of self-reported health (SRH) to help target health care resources. His research in this area has suggested cultural differences in how people perceive and report their health, indicating the need for caution in their application.

Dermot is also a member of the Health Research Board's (Dublin) Research Project Grants Committee (2005-8) and the Health Research Board's Health Services Research Fellowships Committee (2005-8)