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Published Journal Article
McCarthy C, Clyne B, Corrigan D, Boland F, Wallace E, Moriarty F, et al. Supporting prescribing in older people with multimorbidity and significant polypharmacy in primary care (SPPiRE): a cluster randomised controlled trial protocol and pilot. Implement Science. 2017;12(1).
Curcin V, Fairweather E, Danger R, Corrigan D. Templates as a method for implementing data provenance in decision support systems. Journal of Biomedical Informatics. 2017;65.
Kostopoulou O, Porat T, Corrigan D, Mahmoud S, Delaney B. Diagnostic accuracy of GPs when using an early-intervention decision support system: a high-fidelity simulation. British Journal of General Practice. 2017;67(656).
Murphy M, Byrne M, Zarabzadeh A, Corrigan D, Fahey T, Smith SM. Development of a complex intervention to promote appropriate prescribing and medication intensification in poorly controlled type 2 diabetes mellitus in Irish general practice. Implementation Science. 2017;12(1).
Corrigan D, Munnelly G, Kazienko P, Kajdanowicz T, Soler JK, Mahmoud S, et al. Requirements and validation of a prototype learning health system for clinical diagnosis. Learning Health Systems. 2017;1(e10026).
Corrigan D, McDonnell R, Zarabzadeh A, Fahey T. A Multi-step Maturity Model for the implementation of Electronic and Computable Diagnostic Clinical Prediction Rules (eCPRs). eGEMS. 2015;3(2).
Soler JK, Corrigan D, Kazienko P, Kajdanowicz T, Danger R. Evidence-based rules from family practice to inform family practice; the learning healthcare system case study on urinary tract infections. BMC Family Practice. 2015;16(63).
Corrigan D, Taweel A, Fahey T, Arvanitis T, Delaney B. An ontolological treatment of clinical prediction rules implementing the Alvarado score. Studies in Health Technology and Informatics . 2013;186:103-7.
Oral Presentation
Corrigan D. Webinar 2 - Better Evidence. Better Decisions. Better Health: Clinical Decision Support and User Experience.; 2016.
Corrigan D, Munnelly G, Porat T, Mahmoud S, Kostopoulou O, Delaney B. Implementation of the TRANSFoRm evidence service supporting diagnosis in primary care.; 2015.
Zarabzadeh A, McDonnell R, Corrigan D, Galvin R, Smith SM, Fahey T. Development of an electronic platform for an international register of Clinical Prediction Rules relevant to primary care. Healthcare Informatics Society of Ireland Conference, Dublin Castle 19-20 Nov 2014.; 2014.
Delaney B, Curcin V, Corrigan D. TRANSFoRm: European perspectives on implementing the Learning Healthcare System. NIH Collaboratory Grand Rounds 2014.; 2014.
Kazienko P, Kajdanowicz T, Mercaderes RA, Curcin V, Soler JK, Corrigan D, et al. Data Mining Primary Care Data as part of the TRANSFoRm Project. European General Practice Research Network Conference in Malta on 19th October 2013.; 2013.
Corrigan D, Hederman L, Khan H, Curcin V, Delaney B. Decision Support Servies in TRANSFoRm. TRANSFoRm Symposium. WONCA Europe Conference, Vienna, Austria, 5th July 2012.; 2012.
Corrigan D, Hederman L, Khan H, Curcin V, Delaney B. TRANSFoRm: Vision of a learning helathcare system. TRANSFoRm Symposium. Med-E-Tel Conference, Luxembourg, Luxembourg, 20th April 2012.; 2012.
Corrigan D, Hederman L, Khan H, Taweel A, Delaney B. An ontology-driven approach to clinical evidence modelling implementing clinical prediction rules. European General Practice Research Network (EGPRN) Meeting 10 – 13 May 2012, Ljubljana, Slovenia.; 2012.
Corrigan D, Ohmann C, Dimitrov BB, Fahey T. Aspects of the TRANSFoRm Project. HIQA conference, 7 July 2011, Dublin.; 2011.
Corrigan D, Dimitrov BB, Fahey T. Knowledge representation in TRANSFoRm. AMIA CDSS workshop, 24 October 2011, Washington DC, USA.; 2011.
Corrigan D, Dimitrov BB, Fahey T. Clinical Prediction Rules as a basis for Clinical Decision Support. 15th Annual Health Informatics Society of Ireland Conference, 18 November 2010, Dublin..; 2010.
Corrigan D. Towards use of OpenEHR Archetypes to support views of Cystic Fibrosis Review Records. 15th Annual Health Informatics Society of Ireland Conference, 18 November 2010, Dublin.; 2010.